What would happen if everything we saw was unfamiliar? Is there beauty, form and meaning to be found when all prior knowledge of the world is stripped away? In this workshop we pretend to be ALIENS who have just landed on earth and see everything for the first time. We don’t know what is considered culturally significant of beautiful – all we see are shapes, lines, shadows and textures. Aliens tend to have great camera gear, which is useful, so here we are, ready to look around and make new discoveries.

This workshop takes the participants’ focus away from traditional technical rules. Instead we put the focus on meaning and feeling, with a fine art approach to composition. Getting away from cliches and tropes is important when developing a good eye, and it opens up a whole world of possibilities. Never again will they feel like there is ‘nothing to shoot’!

This photography workshop is suitable for corporate team bonding and can even be done on mobile phones.

Images courtesy of previous workshop participants: Danny Hanson, Andrew Wakefield and Richard Poynter